Simple Home Dashboard, Collector Module


This is a collection of Python scripts to poll your environmental data from a Netatmo device as well as filesystem and VPN connectivity status from a Linux system, and then upload it to an instance of InfluxDB. You can then use something like Grafana to visualise the measurements.


Grafana Home Dashboard


  • Put your InfluxDB access data in the userpass_influx file. See also userpass_influx_example.


  • Generate a API token for Netatmo by Creating an Application.
  • Put your Netatmo access data in the userpass_netatmo file. See also the userpass_netatmo_example file.
  • Modify your station and module names in Common/sensors.py.
  • Run python ./ticker.py --netatmo. If it works, stick it in a Cronjob.

VPN & Filesystem Status

  • To detect whether the VPN connection is up or down, the script polls http://icanhazip.com/ to get your public IP which is checked against a list of addresses. You need to create a list of valid public IP addresses in vpn_list. See also vpn_list_example.
  • If you want to check filesystem status, make sure to edit the relevant mount point in ticker.py. By default, it's /volume1.
  • To use the features, run python ./ticker.py --vpn --fs.


Questions, comments, rants should be sent to volker@cheleb.net.