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This is a collection of Python scripts to poll cluster scheduling data from the [Slurm Workload Manager](http://slurm.schedmd.com/), temperature data from a [Netatmo](http://netatmo.com) device, and then upload it to an instance of [InfluxDB](https://influxdb.com/).
+## Examples
For example, the [zBox4 Dashboard](https://labs.cheleb.net/grafana/dashboard/db/zbox) uses these scripts.
+### Cluster Overview
+![Grafana Cluster Overview](/Screenshots/grafana_zbox.png?raw=true)
+### GPU Nodes Overview
+![Grafana GPU Node Overview](/Screenshots/grafana_zbox_gpu.png?raw=true)
## Usage
- Execute the scripts on a host that can access Slurm data.